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About the Awards

Since 2011, the Government Technology & Services Coalition, a non-profit organization working in homeland security and the owners of Homeland Security Today, has recognized the numerous public and private sector officials who work to protect the homeland every day.  Many work with scant recognition of the challenges they face, the dangers they overcome, and the toll on them and their families.  The Homeland Security Today Awards are meant to recognize them, to thank them, and to appreciate the tremendous work they do.
 In 2018, with the acquisition of Homeland Security Today, GTSC expanded our awards program nationally and developed a number of new awards to recognize these heroes and raise awareness of their contributions to the homeland and national security mission. 

We look for people doing the thankless, hard stuff.  The people who – despite politics and rhetoric – have devoted their lives to assure that we maintain our freedom, our democracy, and our way of life.

Nominations open in the late summer each year with hundreds of nominations coming from across the country.

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