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Homeland Security Person of the Year - Federal, State, Local
The GTSC Homeland Security Today Person of the Year is awarded to an individual who is serving, and has served, the homeland security mission in an exemplary fashion. This individual has directly improved, executed, and/or engaged the proper people, agencies, departments necessary to tangibly improve the nation’s prevention, protection, mitigation, or response capacity forward to make America safer.

Homeland Security Lifetime Achievement Award 

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 HSToday has added the Lifetime Achievement Award to our award possibilities. This award will be bestowed upon a person who has devoted their lives to the safety and security of our nation, particularly since 9/11 and has exhibited both selflessness and agility to forward the mission of securing the homeland.  Please provide concrete examples that clearly show a lifetime commitment and record of accomplishment.

Most Valuable Player Award
MVP is awarded to an official who modernizes and improves the operations and performance of an agency, component, program or division to increase capacity, speed delivery, use innovation and improve performance. These leaders also focus on the future – developing strategies and plans to address our constantly changing, dynamic threat environment.

Mission Awards
Mission awards goes to individuals who devote their personal time, energy, and resources to work for causes related to homeland security. Volunteers, non-profit leaders, corporate employees, anyone is eligible for nomination as long as they devote time and dedicated effort to supporting the homeland mission.

Federal Small Business Champion of the Year
Federal Small Business Champion of the Year is awarded annually to the Federal official(s) who show a distinct commitment and tangible results toward improving the environment and success for small businesses in the Federal homeland and national security market.

Excellence in Outreach
Much of partnership requires knowledge and understanding. Communication between industry and government to achieve the best products and services requires outreach in all stages: requirements building, request for information, effective industry days, outreach through engagement and much more. The Excellence in Outreach award recognizes the agency, department, team or individual that has excelled at engaging, explaining and educating to benefit the mission of securing our nation and the American taxpayer.

Most Innovative Campaign to Improve Security
People around the nation are working to find creative and engaging ways to help the public understand and prepare for any eventuality. Educating the public about homeland priorities, threats, and vulnerability is a critical part of our security equation. The Most Innovative Campaign to Improve Security recognizes a federal, state, local, or private sector campaign that has increased awareness and preparedness for a threat that requires the partnership of the American people to mitigate and prevent physical or cyber attack, disaster preparedness, human trafficking, infrastructure protection, supply chain security or any threat to the country.


Acquisition Excellence (Federal or State)
Added in 2016, the Acquisition Excellence award recognizes a division, agency or effort that has improved the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of the acquisition of technology, products or services that support the front-line missions of homeland security. Projects must demonstrate tangible benefits and improved efficiency in the acquisition process.

Market Maven Award
Presented to an exceptional individual who contributes in a concrete and tangible way to the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the homeland and national security market. Proven as a thought leader with a belief in increasing individual opportunity, the power of free enterprise and the nurture of innovation to advance and support the homeland and national security mission.

Backbone Award  

Often the “back-end” side of the mission is the most neglected, and yet often the most important. Recipients of the Backbone award have accomplished extraordinary feats to ensure that the support functions of an agency maximize efficiency, support mission and account for new advancements and technology.

Homeland's Human Firewall  

Homeland’s Human Firewall is an award to recognize the tireless efforts and achievements of those keeping our cyber infrastructure protected.

GTSC Small Business Member of the Year
The award is presented annually to the GTSC Member that exemplifies exceptional quality and ethics for the Federal government, a commitment to GTSC’s small business members and advocacy on behalf of our community.

GTSC Mentor of the Year
Mentor of the Year is awarded annually to the GTSC Mentor who has worked to increase members’ understanding of the homeland and national security market, increased business opportunities for small companies through formal and informal mentoring and engages with GTSC to promote an innovative, robust, fair market for all.

GTSC Mid-Tier Member of the Year
Mid-Tier Member of the Year has contributed positively to increase the opportunities, ideas, and understanding of the mid-tier companies in the federal market. Coined “other than small”, these companies are often “punished” for their success. GTSC’s Mid-Tier Member of the Year works on market solutions, creative market partnerships and increased options for growth.

GTSC Strategic Partner of the Year
The Strategic Partner of the Year is awarded annually to the Strategic Partner that demonstrates a clear commitment to GTSC, contributes significantly to the content and substance of the organization and provides GTSC members with counsel, insight, and resources to perform exceptionally on behalf of the homeland and national security mission.

GTSC Strategic Advisor of the Year
The Strategic Advisor of the Year is awarded annually to the Strategic Advisor who works on behalf of GTSC to increase our capacity, membership, and opportunities to bring the innovation, creativity, and solutions of small and mid-sized companies to the homeland and national security mission.

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